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SteinMusic Vinyl Elements. Be it our Perfect Interface π or our Award-winning Aventurin 6MC Cartridge – we provide a perfect symphony for a natural sound experience through vinyl.

Your phono deck will gladly appreciate it. The Stateline Phono 2 is a High-quality phono preamplifier, MC and MM switchable. variable impedance settings, external power supply.

Aventurin Cartridge/Ametrin Headshell

The Aventurin 6 MC Cartridge and Ametrin Headshell are our answer to the question of how to transfer a natural sound experience from vinyl to the room – without any compromises.

Aventurin 6 Mc cartridge

A MicroRidge Stylus needle on a boron needle carrier, coils of high-purity copper on a ruby winding body, combined with one of the strongest magnets available, based on a tension-free cast bronze base and mounted in a carbon-mahogany composite housing.

Ametrin 1 Composite Headshell

5-layered sandwich-headshell composed of 3-ply material mix, matching the casing of the Aventurin 6 MC-Cartridge.
Pear wood central layer, framed by one sheet of carbon on either side, with palisander platewood. Sealed with SteinMusic Maestro Lacquer.

The resonance adjustment between the record and the turntable is essential for the best performance of the phono set. For this reason we have developed the Perfect Interface for records and CD´s.

The Perfect Interface Turntable Mat

The Perfect Interface is made of handcrafted Japanese paper, treated with SteinMusic Maestro lacquer, creating a much better resonance control than any standard felt or rubber slipmat.

The perfect interface CD

The Perfect Interface π [piː] CD is based on the same principles as the Perfect Interface platter mat, as it turned out that when used in the digital domain exactly the same qualities became present like in the analog domain.