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Horn loudspeakers

All our speakers are horn loudspeakers. Our speaker series can be divided into two categories. On the one hand, there is our Bobby series. These compact and elegant hornspeakers fit perfectly even in smaller rooms. Despite, or precisely because of their compact form, they surprise professionals and audiophiles around the world.

On the other hand, there is our Bob series. These speakers define the technically possible from the ground up. The form factor plays only a minor role here; every design decision of the Bob series has been subordinated to the maxim of high fidelity.

highline BOBBY HORN loudspeakers

Small horn loudspeakers with high impact

The basic idea was to build a coherent and relaxed sounding speaker with an excellent impulse response. An outstanding frequency response, linear phase and perfect transient response are essential basics to create a good sounding speaker.

Our Bobby horn speaker series is modular. For our Bobby S we offer a bass extension that can be easily connected to the speaker itself. The Bobby Bass Extension is a passive speaker with an integrated crossover, which is designed as a perfect match to the Bobby S speakers. It has exactly the correct height to serve as a stand for the Bobby S.

There are two options to use the Bobby Bass Extensions: Add one Bobby Bass Extension under the Bobby S, and you will get a Bobby M. Add another Bobby Bass Extension on top of that and you will create the Bobby L.

Topline BOB HORN loudspeakers

Large horn speakers of the highest quality

The horn speakers of our Bob series offer a number of technical specifications to bring the sound experience to a new level.

These include the open baffle design for a perfect impulse response as the speakers are not restricted to the walls of a box. With a diaphragm surface of more than 4m² the displacement of the diaphragm is kept to a minimum. The horns themselves excell at even the highest frequencies; together with the bass, the full tonal range can thus be accommodated.

These and many other unique features from SteinMusic create the sound for which our speakers have received numerous prestigious awards from magazines and the press.