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Not only the where, but also the how plays a decisive role in the implementation of our company’s philosophy. Therefore, the status as an owner-managed manufactory and family business occupies a key position in the self-image of SteinMusic Pro GmbH. Whether it is the milling of loudspeaker cabinets, the soldering of amplifier boards or the assembly of the final product – the self-image as a manufactory is at the forefront of what happens at all times. Despite the use of highly specialized equipment, every production process at SteinMusic is managed by company employees. This ensures that all products of the manufactory meet the highest quality standards that music enthusiasts around the world have been demanding from SteinMusic loudspeakers and electronics for almost four decades.

H2 - Reviews

“The H2 Harmonizer System is yet another impossible-to-explain room treatment that works—in this case, markedly increasing three-dimensionality, better „disappearing“ loudspeakers, widening the soundstage, enriching tone color, and heightening transient energy, top to bottom, to an extend that’s kinda incredible.”

-EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARD by Jonathan Valin

The Perfect Interface - Reviews

 “I stood there thinking, “Huh! Really?” I had been expecting an effect that was quite subtle; instead, a certain openness and rich organic sound caught my ear. LP after LP, I was quietly pleased at the result. It didn’t seem to matter what genre of music; the Perfect Interface wrought a real step forward.”

-Positive Feedback by David B. Robinson