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Topline bob Xl



The TopLine Bob XL horn speakers are our statement for the most authentic music reproduction of any kind. All our experience and knowledge went into the flagship of our TopLine horn speakers. The construction and technology of the TopLine Bob XL are solely subordinated to good sound. What is physically and technically possible has been realized in this high-end speaker.

Technical specifications of the TopLine BOB XL loudspeaker

The TopLine Bob XL is a unique combination of horns and open baffle in a small footprint of 23.4″ x 16.3″ (59.4 cm x 41.4 cm).

Each speaker features an integrated DSP-controlled active subwoofer with 3000 watts of amplification power to perfectly match the bass response to the room. The rest of the horn speaker works passively with optimal power down to 35 Hz.

A pair of TopLine Bob XL is particularly suitable for larger rooms with a distance to the listener of more than 3 meters.

Modular system: more bass with the TopLine XL subwoofer

Our TopLine Bob XL horn loudspeakers can be expanded to the Bob XL+ with the TopLine XL subwoofers. Thus, frequencies down to 17 Hz are possible. Line-ups in stereo and mono are possible.


Efficiency: 95dB/1W1m

Impedance: 6 Ohm

Frequency Response:  14Hz – 21KHz

Crossover Frequency: 4000Hz/570Hz/<60Hz

Active powered subwoofers: 6000 Watt DSP controlled


Material: Wood

Colors: The colors of the housing and horn can be chosen individually

Drivers per pair:

12” 24 pieces (4 of them passive)
10” 10 pieces
4” 2 pieces
1” 2 pieces

Weight: 211 Kg net for a pair of Bob XL

Dimensions: height 2290mm, width front 300mm, width back 510mm, depth box 355mm, depth including
horn 565mm, diameter horn 750mm



The concept behind the TopLine Bob XL high-end speaker was simple: build the best hi-fi speaker technically possible. It was to be a smooth sounding horn speaker with excellent impulse response.

Each Bob XL Hi-Fi speaker is driven by 3000 watts in the bass range and controlled by a DSP (Digital Sound Processor). This allows the bass response to be perfectly matched to the room.

The rest of the speakers operate passively, so you can use your favorite electronics from 40 Hz without having to drive power-hungry bass speakers. Only the finest components have been used for the crossover of the TopLine Bob XL high-end speakers. We paid attention to a linear phase and a perfect transient response and also focused on a very clean frequency response.

Perfect engineering is an absolutely essential aspect for us. Nevertheless, we believe that to create equipment that sounds outstanding, it takes more than that. Only in combination with excellent craftsmanship, a great deal of passion for music and decades of experience are we able to produce masterpieces like the TopLine horn loudspeakers.

Horn Technology
A horn has proven to be the best way to provide a perfect match of diaphragm movement to the air carrying the sound. So we have chosen this concept for the mid and high frequencies, as it significantly helps to obtain accurate low frequency information.

Horn technology is popularly used to increase the efficiency of a hi-fi speaker. However, this was not planned for the Bob XL, because in our opinion it usually leads to a somewhat thin and harsh sound. We also did not use compression drivers, for exactly the same reason. Instead, we put a lot of effort into achieving a perfect match between the horns and the drivers in the TopLine Bob XL horn speaker.

Open baffle
In the bass range, we opted for an open baffle. This way, the drivers are perfectly loaded on both sides in a balanced way. This is called the “open baffle principle”. Six of the bass speakers are mounted on each side of the cabinet, so we achieve excellent impulse compensation and very low resonances in the cabinet.

In addition, speakers with a large surface area should be used for the low frequencies. If smaller cone areas were used, they would have to be compensated by a larger excursion, which would then be much less linear. The large diaphragm area, on the other hand, requires a significantly reduced diaphragm excursion, so that the diaphragms always move within their linear range. This is how we get extremely low distortion in the TopLine Bob XL, and thus a really clean sound.

Carbon composite coating
In the lower midrange, five 10″ speakers with a total area of 320 square inches do their job, treated with a special carbon composite. The bass is reproduced by ten 12″ speakers that offer an area of more than 1500 square inches. The bass speakers were also treated with carbon composite.


Jason Victor Serinus, May 25, 2022, at Stereophile magazine:

“…the Stein Music system produced good bass, lots of inviting midrange, and a smooth top. It triumphed through Youn Sun Nah’s ridiculous, both barrels loaded, over-the-top “Ghost Riders in the Sky,” and handsomely nailed the distinct timbre and body of the voices of Bryn Terfel and Simon Keenlyside performing an unusual arrangement of the opening movement of Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater. Color me impressed.“

Uwe Kirbach in Image HiFi 4/2022

A real trade show highlight: Stein Music’s Topline Bob XL sparkled, beguiled or dynamically pushed you into your seat.”

Silvan Karrer in the Swiss AVguide magazine:

„Best Sound of the High End Show Munich 2022“

General characteristics of the SteinMusic Top Line Speaker series

  • Open baffle for the non-horn loaded speakers achieves a perfect impulse response, as the speakers are not caged in a box.
  • Big diaphragm surface (> 4m² for the XL subwoofers) so that the displacement of the diaphragms is always small and in the linear region.
  • Horns for the higher frequencies excellently adopt the small displacement of the diaphragms to the air.
  • The radiating characteristics of the bass is that way that they will not stimulate the room resonances.
  • We use a line array for the deep mid frequencies, to achieve the same dispersion characteristics as the one from the horns.
  • All speaker diaphragms are treated with carbon composite for a coherent sonic character form the deepest bass till the highest audible frequencies.
  • Carefully selected drivers so that a very simple crossover with finest quality components may be used.
  • To achieve the best possible quality, critical inductors and capacitors are made in house by SteinMusic
  • All interior cable are specially designed for exactly the given purpose and precisely made by SteinMusic in Germany.
  •  The active integrated subwoofers make the speakers easy to drive with amps from 30 watts onwards.
  • The result is no typical speaker sound, but lots of music.

TopLine Xl Subwoofer


Our TopLine Bob XL speakers can be expanded with the TopLine XL subwoofers to the Bob XL+. In it works an array of eight handmade 18″ drivers with over 2m² effective diaphragm area. They are mounted in a fully stabilized special cabinet with an open baffle and are driven by a DSP-controlled amplifier with an incredible 3000 watts of power. So we get a linear and uncompressed reproduction down to 17 Hz with 0 dB volume rolloff.

This distinguishes the Topline XL subwoofer from Stein Music

The subwoofer delivers a colorful, differentiated and clear bass down to the lowest octave, so that the higher frequencies can develop much better in their own working range. The TopLine XL subwoofer can be used in line-ups for both stereo and mono.

Modular system: More bass with the TopLine XL subwoofer

To expand the TopLine Bob XL horn loudspeakers to the Bob XL+ system, you can add the TopLine XL subwoofers. This gives you Stein Music’s largest and most powerful speaker system, which is a true sonic wonder, especially in larger rooms.


Features of Stein Music TopLine XL Subwoofers
  • More than 2 m² effective diaphragm area in a TopLine XL subwoofer, i.e. 4 m² for the pair
  • 17 Hz with 0 dB volume drop without any frequency linearization due to the integrated DSP
  • Eight dedicated 18″ woofers per side of the TopLine XL Subwoofer open baffle with DSP controlled 3000 watts per side for uncompressed, deep, natural bass
  • Colorful, differentiated and clear bass all the way down to the lowest octave lets the higher frequencies come through much better

Active powered Subwoofers: 6000 Watt DSP

Drivers per pair: 18” 16 pieces

Crossover Frequencies: < 33Hz for the Bob XL Subwoofer


Material: Wood

Colors: The colors of the housing can be chosen individually

Weight: 262 Kg net for a pair of Bob XL Subwoofers

Dimensions: height 2290mm, width front 390mm, width back 560mm, depth 550mm


TopLine Bob XL+ horn speakers are designed in combination with all our other original audio solutions and Hi-Fi accessories. Therefore, we recommend Stein Music amplifiers and cables. Stein Music products are the perfect complement to unlock the full potential of the TopLine Bob XL+ speaker.

However, you can drive the speakers with a wide range of solid-state, digital, tube or hybrid amplifiers. Since the speakers and subwoofers are self-powered in the bass range, the power of the amplifier does not need to be as high as you might think given the TopLine Bob XL+. Since the amplifier only needs to serve the frequencies above 40 Hz, you can therefore focus on the sound you like rather than the power.

With the Bob XL+ combination, 60 watts of tube, hybrid or solid-state amplifiers are perfectly adequate for moderate volumes. If you want to play the music loud, 120 watts is enough. Amplifiers with more than 1000 watts per channel can also deliver pleasing results.