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Aventurin 6 Cartridge

Each Cartridge system is handmade in our manufactory and pre tested in all parameters including a final listening test before delivery. The handcrafted housing is made of a carbon / mahogany composite to ensure best resonance control.


Bronze, Carbon, Mahagony


Black, Brown, Gold


Wojciech Pacula – High Fidelity

In short – this cart offered a very rich, highly enjoyable performance.

Robert H. Levi – Positive Feedback

“I have owned many, many cartridges, and have enjoyed LPs for over 50 years. The Aventurin 6 is the best MC yet in every parameter that my ears know. This is saying something, since I have never owned a more sophisticated reference system, from magnetic turntable to diamond tweeters. Hell, my interconnects retail for over $70,000! And yet, I listen to the Aventurin 6 and imagine a half-track tape deck playing the master tape at 15-ips. I hear clear solid images with zero etch, just like being there.”

Wayne Donnelly – Enjoy the Music

“I have not heard anywhere near every great phono cartridge, but I have heard several that are even more expensive than the Stein Music Aventurin 6. I have never heard a cartridge I would prefer to it. Highest possible recommendation!”

The Basic Idea behind the Aventurin 6 Cartridge

The SteinMusic Aventurin 6 low output MC cartridge is a unique overall concept creating a detailed and natural sound with great finesse and overall coherency.

On a sensible device like a cartridge, this may only happen if great care is taken into every detail.

For the stylus we have chosen a diamond with Micro Ridge cut.

This has excellent scanning characteristics, while at the same time being extremely gentle on the record grooves.
In addition, the Micro Ridge cut has the advantage of even wear over the long term, while maintaining the optimal scanning profile of the needle. For the needle carrier our choice became a solid boron rod. This combines the aspects of torsional stiffness and lightness in an ideal way.
A very light non-magnetic special ceramic was used as the coil body for the exactly symmetrically wound crossed coil.

The coils themselves are wound from high-purity 6N copper, which has been further treated with a special technology developed in-house.

We have paid great attention to the damping rubber, which is largely overlooked but has a significant influence on the final overall result. The basis of the SteinMusic Aventurin pickup system is the harmonic construction of a cast bronze structure as the base in combination with a carbon/mahogany body.
Here too, we have optimized every detail to achieve an overall result at the highest level.

The base is made of a special bronze alloy, which has been optimized for its acoustic properties.
It is not machined, but cast in order to obtain a stress-free structure.
The mass distribution and geometry of this base is optimized to give the generator a stable working base and to effectively dissipate resonances.

After a long series of tests with different materials, we decided to use a composite of mahogany and carbon for the cabinet, in order to achieve the best tonal results in combination with the bronze base.
A final treatment with SteinMusic Maestro lacquer makes the overall result perfect.

All these details of the Aventurin 6 cartridge have been optimized in long listening tests, so that the result perfectly meets our expectations of a natural sounding cartridge.

Technical Details

• Frequency Range: 10 Hz- 50,000 Hz
• Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 25,000 Hz +/- 1dB
• Output Voltage: 0,4 mV (@3.54cm/sec/45Deg. 1,000 Hz)
• Output Impedance: 14 ohm @ 1,000 Hz
• Channel Separation: 35 dB or more
• Channel Balance: Below 0,5 dB
• Compliance: 12 μm/mN
• Cantilever Material: solid boron rod stylus Chip: Micro-ridge diamond.
• Recommended Stylus Pressure: 1.8-2.2 grams
• Vertical Tracking Angle: 20-22 degrees
• Weight: 11,5 grams
• Optimal load resistance: 300 – 10,000 Ohms
• Tracking ability at 315Hz and 2 gram tracking force >80μm
• Suitable for Phono Stages with about 60 dB gain
• Lacquered with Stein Music Maestro Lacquer for optimum resonance control
• Cast bronze base for maximum stability
• Handcrafted housing made of a carbon / mahogany composite for best resonance control
• Please allow at least 50 hours break in time