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is an universal demagnetiser for interconnects, speaker cables, power supply cables or CDs, SACDs, DVDs, and even LPs etc.! It is a close relevant of the DE 2 with a large active area. The DE 2 and DE 3 are representing the essence of 25 years of experience with reasonable accessories for electronic devices to replay music. “Demagnetiser“… that may sound a bit mystical. But, what finally counts is just the musical impression. One should feel comfortable, while listening to music through its domestic stereo setup. You are able to contribute to that comfortable feeling by consistent use of the DE 2 or DE 3. A cable or a CD treated by the DE 3 will contribute to a replay with greater acoustic transparency, a smoother presentation or utterly a greater tonal reality. Digital edginess will disappear and the musical event gains in power of emotional persuasion. With the sum of all these characteristics the DE 2 and DE 3 justify the additional effort before listening to your most favourite recordings. A really convincing music playback may only result from optimal solutions in detail for the whole playback chain and the DE 3 contributes to that in a subtle but nonetheless important way at several critical points of your playback chain. The only button at the top of the device controls all functions. There is no need for further operational elements.

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Piano Painted Wood


Black, Silver


Eight magnetic field generators are used in a perfect switching and intensity sequence . The effect is physically measurable, pervasive, stable over time and acoustically immediately comprehensible.

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