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About us


SteinMusic Pro GmbH was founded at the beginning of the 1980s – a good 40 years ago – by the current chief developer Holger Stein in Mülheim an der Ruhr. The high-end manufacturer of complete solutions for audio systems has remained loyal to its headquarters in the heart of the Ruhr area ever since. What began as passionate work for friends and acquaintances of the developer in a Mülheim workshop alongside his physics studies, advanced over the years to a renowned family business for audiophile music enthusiasts all over the world. By now the family business trains its own staff and hires a handful of experts to meet the highest expectations for a fully immersive music experience.


Every step of SteinMusic Pro GmbH’s work – from the first design pattern on the drawing board to the final quality assurance – follows the principle of sound fidelity. The goal is to create a sound image that corresponds as closely as possible to the original recording. This is only possible by pursuing a holistic approach that encompasses all aspects of music listening in its entirety. As a result, the products developed in-house extend beyond the product classes of loudspeakers and electronics to include dozens of components designed to optimize the listening experience. It is therefore evident why the highest priority is given to research and development in the company led by Chief Developer Holger Stein and his team. Only in this way does the Mülheim-based manufacturer regularly succeed in setting new standards in terms of musical experience with its extensive product range.


The different products, whether loudspeaker systems or electronics, are coordinated in detail and complement each other exactly as one would expect from a systemic approach. Steinmusic products are brilliant when used individually, and in their summation offer a breathtaking musical experience. In addition to the steadily growing series production in its own workshops, SteinMusic Pro GmbH creates unique product solutions that meet even the most unique customer requirements. These product solutions are divided into three different product series to meet the requirements of all audiophiles.


This series offers the entry into the world of high-end audio systems.



The HighLine offers sophisticated music solutions at an excellent price/performance ratio.


The TopLine defines the limits of what is possible again and again.

Made in germany

In order to meet its own high quality standards, Steinmusic Pro GmbH has been manufacturing in Germany since its foundation. Not only the production process deserves the predicate of German workmanship. From the initial conception of a new product to the development of its prototype in the company’s own workshop to the final assembly of the series production and the subsequent quality assurance, Steinmusic Pro GmbH combines all that to satisfy the highest quality requirements. This will continue to be the case in the future. Therefore, Steinmusic products have always been and will always be: Made in Germany.

Decades of Experience