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About Steinmusic

At SteinMusic, we’re reinventing music reproduction with over 40 years of experience in High End HiFi products. Our vision revolutionizes music playback by harmonizing every aspect of the system, from core components to the final tuning, aiming for a relaxed, comfortable, open, and natural sound that captures the spirit of music. We believe true musicality isn’t just in the notes but in the entire listening experience’s perfect harmony, pushing boundaries to present music as it’s meant to be heard: pure and alive.

High End SPeaker

SteinMusic High End Speaker – Natural Sound, Perfectly Personalized.


SteinMusic Amplifiers – Pure, Natural Sound Unleashed.


SteinMusic Vinyl Products – Natural Sound Fidelity That Inspires.


SteinMusic Essentials – Enhance Your System, Naturally.

room acoustics

SteinMusic Room Acoustics – Creating a Harmonious Sound Environment.

What Experts say about us

“it is special, indeed, offering beautifully pure and natural, airy sound in a unique and versatile modular package. SteinMusic’s passion for music Shows”

Julie Mullins

The Absolute Sound

It is a relaxed, comfortable, open and natural sound. That’s how I heard him tweak his system at the Munich Sound Fair, and that’s how I’ve been inspired and guided by the products I’ve been trying out.

Dai Tiankai

U-Audio Taiwan

“The Speakers Match Plus undeniably brings it all! More definition, more naturalness… a better readability of rhythm and instruments, as well as their character and intrinsic timbres.”

LE Beauson


Handmade in Germany

Since its founding, Stein Music Pro GmbH has committed to high-quality manufacturing in Germany, ensuring each product—from initial concept to final assembly—meets rigorous standards. This dedication not only maintains our renowned “Made in Germany” quality but also allows for continual optimization, capturing the most natural sound possible in our products.

U-Audio Review / Inline Gold LAN and USB Isolator

U-Audio Review About our NEW: LAN and USB InLine Gold IsolatorsWe are delighted to announce that the esteemed U-Audio magazine has recently conducted a thorough review of our latest product, the LAN InLine Gold Isolator. It is gratifying to note that their findings...

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