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The SteinMusic High-End Powerbar is available in versions with 6 and with 10 sockets. Tight sandwich housing made of a special compound with a carbon composite inner layer that is earthed for shielding and eliminates electrostatic charge.
In addition, we have implemented our InLine technology in every single socket

TEChnical data 



Piano Painted Wood, American walnut feet


6 or 10

EU and US Option


Powerbar 6 size 25 x 18 x 11cm weight 3,5 Kg

Powerbar 10 size 39 x 18 x 11cm weight 5 Kg


Black, Silver

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Being passionate for what good music may give you, at SteinMusic we are focused on nothing else than getting to it as close as possible for the last 3 ½ decades.

We found that heading for the best possible performance it is essential to take great care for the smallest detail. This means not do anything because it has always been done that way, but gain an understanding about the sonic implications of widely used techniques just as materials.

With this knowledge and by the use of proprietary unique solutions we have the skills to build balanced components which do not show their character, but are totally on duty getting you closer to the music.

Capacitors in the mains are widely used to get rid of noise. As everywhere in real life all which has positive sides also has cons. Capacitors are highly nonlinear, and their dielectric losses suck out finesse and detail from the music. If you are using a standard audio system this may smooth out the sound, and make listening more enjoyable. However with a good audio you will not want to miss the loss of fine detail.

The same effects you will get with inductors due to their core loss and dynamic limitations.


All connectors are custom made to our specifications, so that we may ensure a perfect sound just as long term stability. For the contacts we choose a partly rhodium plating, which in combination of the whole concept gave us some more finesse and detail than a gold plated version.


The internal wiring is made of the purest copper throughout. All outlets are star wired to a central point, and the orientation of each cable is chosen for the correct directivity.


The Powerbar devices are built very compact and rigid with a three layer CNC machined composite housing. The outer layers are made out of a special fiber board, where the dominant medium layer is a proprietary carbon composite compound. This construction is extremely stable and warp resistant. In addition the carbon composite compound is grounded to avoid electrostatic charge.
The CNC machined aluminum top plate which carries the outlets is thoroughly large area mounted on the base housing to avoid unwanted resonance. The feet are massive walnut feet, a choice we made after extensive listening of a wide amount of different other solutions.


The star grounding connection is really one central point where all conductors are connected by our InLine technology. Here the vectors of the magnetic fields which are generated while a current is flowing through a conductor are completely random, which means the sum is zero. This avoids magnetic distortion, resulting in a much more differentiated sound. At this critical point we also apply a small amount of our proprietary quantum solution. To protect this critical part and mechanically quiet down we seal it in a specially filled epoxy resin. All wires and connectors are demagnetized. In addition to this they undergo another proprietary treatment which significantly increases the movability of free electrons in all metal parts. This is done in a very complex process we call plasma treatment.

The SteinMusic Powerbars are available with 6 or 10 outlets.

Powerbar 6 size 25 x 18 x 11cm weight 3,5 Kg

Powerbar 10 size 39 x 18 x 11cm weight 5 Kg