Master Class SP 1.1

Master Class SP 1.1
This exceptional new speaker has been developed by Stein Music over a period of 5 years and has been comprehensively optimized in every detail. The wide-band driver was developed utilizing the most precise and complex measurement systems available on earth. This includes a Klippel Laser displacement meter where the exact displacement of every part of the driver‘s cone membrane at all frequencies can be measured with unparalleled precision.

At many stages of development these precise measurements are balanced with rigorous critical listening tests to ensure they translate into excellent sonic performance. The centerpiece of this design is a new wide-range driver with a diameter of 20cm, covering a full frequency range of 8 octaves. It already displays unprecedented linearity without the need for any external equalization components and effectively operates as a true point source. In addition to the critically determined and very effective treatment of many components with Stein Music‘s own proprietary Maestro lacquer, we have also applied many other specific treatments to fully optimize the overall sound quality. This is the reasons why no other peripheral circuit is required to achieve a perfectly balanced response, in order to give you the most direct access to the beauty and expression of music.

Power handling: 50 Watt
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Sensitivity: 93dB (suitable for high-qualitiy low-power tube amplifiers)
Frequency response: from 40Hz to 15 Khz
Dimensions (WHD): 28 x 109 x 37 cm
Available in high-gloss black or white

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